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Advertising with Cyberzone  

Cyberzone offers many advertising opportunities that could benefit all types of business. Being the only Internet cafe in Croydon we see a wide variety of customers pass through our doors. Together with the immense number of visitors to our website we have found that we can provide various types of advertising space to target a wide audience.

Here is a list of the advertising solutions on offer at Cyberzone.

Banner ads
Our website generates a lot of interest and has plenty of space for the standard size banner adverts which can be seen on many sites. We can promote your product or event and if you don't have your own website yet we can arrange to link it through to a page which we can design for you. Unlike many big websites you will find that we don't charge the earth and we can offer you an excellent deal compared to today's extreme advertising costs!
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On-screen advertising
In Cyberzone we see a wide range of people, e.g. students, tourists, children, OAP's, employees of local businesses, in fact if you could think of a specific target group of the general public then chances are that we have had that kind of customer. Now the one thing they come into Cyberzone for (apart from our excellent coffee!!!) is to use the computers, so 'On-screen' advertising is something that works well in Cyberzone. We can make your promotion subtle yet still very noticeable to our customers without appearing forced or tacky.
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Point of sale
Should your advertising needs require you to leave your customers with something to take away with them we can arrange for all types of point of sale promotion e.g. posters, leaflets, and other material.
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Hands-on experience
Possibly one of the best forms of advertising, let your customers experience what you have to offer! If you produce, distribute, or manufacture hardware or software we can promote your product for you! Impressions count and we feel that we can show your product in the best environment with staff easily capable of answering any customer's questions.
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If you would like more information on advertising with us please call Cyberzone on 020 8681 6500 or email direct using the following form:

  Due to the large amount of email we receive at Cyberzone there may be a slight delay dealing with your request/questions, however we will try our best to give you a speedy response.
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