Cyberzone Internet Cafe

1 Dingwall Road
Tel: 020 8681 6500
Fax: 020 8686 0356

Email [email protected]
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Croydon's only Cybercafe

At Cyberzone you will be able to access :-

  • World Wide Web - See the pictures, hear the sounds
  • Email - mail a friend, colleague or just "Hello Mum"
  • IRC - Live chat using the keyboard and mouse
  • Newsgroups - Read in-depth articles, post your replies
  • Telnet - Use other computers via the Cafe
  • The hottest Network Games
  • 99% cyber-jargon free zone. If you find anything confusing, just ask and we'll explain (without the cyber-babble). Help is always available, we won't just dump you in front of the computers and sneak off.

    If you don't have an Email address (or are away from home and can connect to your own account) we offer a full suite of Email services (more details available on request).

    Get 20% discount for a group of four or more people having their session at the same time. We also run basic to advanced Internet training sessions for business and recreational users. You will have your own computer (no squashing or sharing). Training is the cost-effective way to save yourself hours of frustration (not to mention `s off your phone bill learning by trail and error).

    You can find us at the above address and we are open:

    Mon-Sat: 9:00am to 9:00pm Sun: 11:00am to 8:00pm