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Games @ Cyberzone    

Cyberzone has also become what is often considered a "gaming cafe" due to its extremely popular games network. Our PCs have a large selection of the latest Internet and network games as well as single player games. With our fast PCs and super-fast Internet connection it is easy to play some of the most popular games across the Internet with no lag or modem style slowdown.

Games in action!  Games in action!
Some people playing in a 20 player Counter-Strike game at Cyberzone in 1999!!
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The following is a table of games which can be played at Cyberzone:

Game Single Player LAN No of players LAN Internet
Half-Life 12
Counter-Strike   12
Quake 12
Dungeonsiege LOA 8  
Medal of Honor 12
Quake III 12
Warcraft 3 8  
Red Alert 2 8  
Yuri's Revenge   8  
Total Annihilation 10  
Everquest     n/a  
Dark Age of Camelot     n/a  

LAN : If the game is multiplayer across the local network in Cyberzone
No of Players LAN : How many people can play in the same game across the local network
Internet : If the game is playable across the Internet

Games are added upon request but due to the amount of space these games can take up there needs to be at least 5 people interested in playing the requested game.

Half-Life: Counterstrike   Quake III Arena   Freespace 2
Unreal Tournament   Revolt   Diablo 2

Cyberzone PCs
Cyberzone has 12 multimedia PCs with 24" monitors
100Mb Internet connection (ultrafast Internet play)

Feel free to arrange for your clan to play games from Cyberzone and become an "LPB" clan, if there are enough of you we can arrange a discount. For more info on games and our popular 12 hour "all-nighters" contact us here

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