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Today having a website is as common as having a company fax number, it opens your doors to anyone in the world. A website can offer your customers details and information at any time of the day or night, it can act as an online store open 24 hours a day to anyone in the world. It is not surprising that almost every advert on TV or radio mentions a website. A website can generate you business without you even having to leave your desk, if your company has not got a website yet isn't it time you looked into getting one?

some of our previous work  some of our previous work

Cyberzone has been creating websites for clients for many years and most of those first clients have been so pleased with their websites that they are still online today. At Cyberzone we can build you a simple basic site or and all-singing, all-dancing online ecommerce solution. No client is too big and no client is too small, whatever your needs are we feel that we can help your business take advantage of the power of the Internet!

some of our previous work  some of our previous work

Cyberzone hosts its own web servers so there is no middle man or third party involved. Even if you don't have an Internet connection yourself we can host your website for you. Here are just a few of the things Cyberzone can provide for you: Web page design
Regardless of how big or small you plan your website to be, we can design something that looks good and is functional. Our design team will make your site up for you so you won't even have to know any of the technical bits that go into creating a site. Our design team offers full design in CGI, JavaScript, Macromedia Flash, ASP, PHP, and many more.
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some of our previous work  some of our previous work

Once you have your website you will need somewhere to keep it online 24 hours a day, here we can help. Cyberzone has plenty of web servers connected to the Internet through a fast Internet connection easily capable of supplying your website to any number of visitors to your site. Hosting is an annual cost based on the size of your website and its content.
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If you do not have email already we can set you up with as many accounts as you need. Email setup is a quick and easy process but requires maintenance to our servers so is charged by the amount of accounts you require (not by how much email you send).
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Domain names
Domain names (for example, our domain name is others include and etc.) are used to make it easy for people to find your site, without one you could find yourself with a long website address such as so if you have a specific company name a domain name is highly recommended. However much people tell you, domain names are never free. Any company offering free domain names will hold the rights to that name and can charge you anything they like when it comes up for renewal a year later. All domain names have to paid for annually, luckily due to the amount of websites we make and domain names we buy, we can get them at a greatly reduced price with no strings attached! Price depends on type of domains ordered (e.g. .com .net). Please note, by registering a .uk domain name, you enter into a contract of registration with Nominet UK on the following
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Ecommerce solutions
We can provide your business with a full ecommerce package to make the most of your websites potential. More details on this will be posted shortly. return to top

Other services
If your business needs an Intranet site developed or a large external database designed, Cyberzone can supply you with a quote for any work needed. There is no limit to what we can arrange for your business. We can also supply your business with its own Internet connectivity, for more details see our
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some of our previous work  some of our previous work

For more details or if you would like to arrange a meeting with one of Cyberzone's design representatives, please call Cyberzone on 020 8681 6500 or fill in the following form with any questions you may have:
  Due to the large amount of email we receive at Cyberzone there may be a slight delay dealing with your request/questions, however we will try our best to give you a speedy response.
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